Founded in 2012, specializes in the design and manufacture of hydraulic micro-turbines variable speed to produce electricity from waste energy in pressurized pipes and small waterfalls (mini-hydro centrals).


The company already operates the Micro Turbine Hydro Turbines market, has its own electronic system control to manage already set up turbines into more than 1bar higher pressurized flow distribution networks.

On their careers as separate companies, Sendekia and Tecnoturbines have developed patents to protect the intellectual properties of each one. The electronic and electrical system of the Hydro Low Head project have their own patents, developed for Tecnoturbines:

–       PCT Application number: PCT/ES2012/000178

–       European Patent application number 12804330.4 – Reference

–       P2889EP00 USA Application number: 14/129196

–       USA Patent application publication number: US 2014/0236367

–       Spanish patent ES201100746

Tecnoturbines Team

Jaime Lledó | CEO & CCO

Executive MBA from ESADE. MSc in Control Systems & Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and Sheffield Hallam University (UK).

Broad experience in product development of customized solutions in both national and international level, in renewable energies focus companies.

Enrique Ruiz | CTO

Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Broad experience in the water distribution sector. Enrique has large experience in executing hydraulic projects of different types.

José Carlos Orts | COO

MSc in Control Systems & Electronics Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and from TUT University (Finland).

Broad experience in validation and homologation into the locomotive industry.

Joaquín Orts | COO

Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Broad experience in homologation, design and manufacturing of industrial machinery.

Jaume Bonet | CFO

Degree and MBA from ESADE Business School. International Management Programme from Hautes Études Commerciales and from the London Business School.

More than 30 years of experience in Financial and Administration management of multinational companies and as a successful business developer consultant.


Arquitectura e Ingeniería Sostenible S.L. is a Spanish company founded in Madrid in 2007, with the aim of generating technology in the field of renewable energies. 


Since then, the company has developed products and technology for the photovoltaic industry; solar tracking systems and recharging electric vehicles.

Since 2011 Sendekia started a new technological development for the marine energy sector: «SDK Marine», electricity from the ocean waves. In 2011 Sendekia has created SDK Wave Turbine, which is a device for capturing wave power to produce electricity. This is the only turbine on the market that is capable of converting a reciprocating flow in a continuous and unidirectional movement, thanks to a patented system of reorientation blades in the turbine runner (P201131379 y PCT ES2012-070617). In regards to the developed patents, we have gained specialized experience in the design and manufacture of variable speed axial turbines that produce energy from ocean waves, working with variable flow, low pressure and reciprocating flows. Our technology has been awarded and recognized in international competitions.

In this project, Sendekia will do a patentability study of his mechanical design of the turbine after analyzing the results of the laboratory essays, on whether to modify the initial design to optimize it.

Sendekia Team

Manuel Grases Galofré | INNOVATION CEO

Mechanical Engineer by Universidad Central de Venezuela and Hydraulic Engineer by University of Grenoble, France.

Responsible for the construction and testing of the first hydraulic laboratory for the study of the Guri Dam (Venezuela), the largest in the world at that time.

Has co-founded five industrial companies with proprietary technology. He is the inventor of the «SDK WT» technology and visionary responsible for continuing the research activity.

José Manuel Grases Mendoza | INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER

Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Large experience in the development of different machines and structures.

Inventor of “SDK WT” technology and responsible of translating the idea to the market with a very smart product.


Architect by the Universidad Central de Venezuela, MBA and PADDE (Programme for High Management for managers and business owners) in Business Schools of Madrid.

Entrepreneurship experience, she launched her first company with 19 years old in Caracas, Venezuela, which is still working.

Former manager in the projects department of PROYECO S.L. in Madrid.

Responsible of market strategy, marketing, funding and search and dissemination activities.

Ana Karina Hernández Padrón | MECHANIC ENGINEERING

Mechanical Engineering by the Simón Bolivar University (Venezuela).

Responsible for the design and development of the mechanical parts of a variable speed hydraulic turbine to maximize their efficiency in a huge range of caudal.

Specialized in the design and computational analysis of stress and deformation using SolidWorks Simulation Xpress.

Large record in the elaboration of plans, cost study of models and prototypes, as well as in market studies for sales and product distribution.

Lourdes García Beriguete | NAVAL ENGINEERING

Naval Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, currently developing the Degree Project in Sendekia.

Lourdes has participated in several test in tank: test performed in the wave flume of SDK, test developed in ETSIN (Madrid) and wave tank test in Ifremer Centre of Brest, France.


The monitoring software developments (work package 4) and the system implementation (work package 5) will be subcontracted to ATEKNEA SOLUTIONS, who will also take part in the validation of the turbine (work package 1).

ATEKNEA SOLUTIONS is a leading European engineering center with extensive experience in supporting companies to transform their ideas and innovation projects into valuable, profitable and feasible market solutions. Ateknea provides research, consulting and technology development specifically targeted at SMEs operating in the EU, in order to boost their growth at a European level.